by Anonymous

When Allah Almighty commanded the Angels to prostrate to the father of Mankind, Sayyiduna Adam `alayhis salām, all the angels prostrated, apart from Iblīs.

However the command was to the Angels, so why was Iblīs included within this when the Qur’ān clearly states that Iblīs is a Jinn?
Also why didn’t Iblīs follow the command of Allah and prostrate?

From this very short snippet of the story of creation we learn two things. Firstly, when an individual is amongst a group of people, he becomes a part of them, even if the person is from a different genus, just as Iblīs was. Hence why your company is very important, as you start to become like them and eventually become involved with them in every matter.

Secondly, why didn’t Iblīs prostrate to Adam? (btw this prostration wasn’t one of worship, but rather one of respect).
Judgment is very important, furthermore, one must not judge someone on just what he sees on the outer, as the inner may well be graced with a lot more.
Iblīs did not respect Adam because he said ‘I am made out of fire and he is made out of clay, and therefore I am better than him’ – you see, Iblīs wasn’t wrong in what he said, as fire is better than just clay, however it wasn’t what was on the outside that mattered, it was what was inside Adam that mattered.

Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’ān: ‘And He taught Adam all the names (of everything)[Sūrah al-Baqarah: 31]

Allah taught Adam knowledge. The reason for the reverence and the superiority of Adam over the Angels was knowledge. Knowledge is an internal thing, not an external thing. Evidently, Iblīs looked at the external and not the internal. He then judged, became arrogant and was eternally damned to hell.

We understand many things from just this. The respect for those with knowledge is imperative. Furthermore, jumping to conclusions and thus making comments regarding someone based on what you see isn’t always the wisest move to make, as internally there may be something in that person which Allah Almighty loves which consequently makes them more beloved to Allah than you.

May Allah Almighty give us the ability to understand the Qur’an and implement it.
Āmeen ya rab.


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