by Anonymous

“What word is spelt the same way, backwards and forwards?” I heard this question as I entered the loud and lively room in the MWHS. Standing in the doorway, I saw hands rushing to the sky, I hear people calling out “Me! Me! Me!” and I hear laughters coming at me in a melodious rhythm, reverberating in my chest.

The USIC BBQ, which was moved to the MWHS, was a time of goodbyes. A time where you look into the kind eyes that have always held warmth, love and you see your reflection shining back. A time where you blink again and again, trying to engrave the laughter lines around you, in your memory. Storing them for a time where you can conjure them out of thin air, amidst your family. It was a time where arms embraced you, each giving their own silent message. It is a time where you take the ‘last’ selfie and craziest pictures that will hang on the walls of your heart.

It is also a time where you know each relationship you have is connected with a long white rope that is invisible and so elastic that it can cross borders. It is an upgrade of each of your current relationships. It is a time where you walk out of the room of past adventures, up the stairs and into another room filled with evolved relationships. The same connection, yet slightly different.

The migration of the USIC BBQ from the Ponderosa park to the MWHS, marked my migration from an undergraduate to a graduate. The same people are there, but just a different location. The same friends, yet, the context changes. From the open park space where people can diffuse away to a closed area where we are much more closer. No chance for anyone to escape your embrace.

The USIC BBQ was a time of goodbyes. But it was also a time of new beginnings.

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