by Anonymous

Everyone should understand the severity of what is happening in Aleppo right now. It is not a matter of being Syrian, Pakistani or Arab, this is a matter of being humane and being affectionate towards our suffering ummah and uniting as one to be a voice for the voiceless! Words are not even enough to describe how much injustice is happening right now, how many innocent civilians are being tortured, how many women are being raped and how many children are seeing horrific scenes daily!

Only Allah can assist us in this matter now. I pray Allah give us all tawfeeq to verbally, physically, financially and morally take part in this resistance against inhumanity.

Rasul’ullah said: “The believers in their love, mercy and compassion are like one body, if one organ complains, the rest of the body develops a fever”.



{One Ummah – One Body – One Unity}


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