by Anonymous

“I longed for marriage”
.. and I got married
But life without children is deserting

Thus “I longed to be blessed with children”
… and I got children
But within no time my small apartment made me uncomfortable..

I therefore longed for bigger house with garden..
well, I got it, though with much efforts
Yes, I possessed a mansion, but my children are grown up by then

Hence, I longed for them to get married…
They are now married, yet official responsibilities give me fatigue

Now I resorted to retirement, to get some rest…
.. I`ve retired, but become single, just as I was after graduation..
.. After graduation I noticed, I approached life, but now,
I bid life farewell..

Still, I do have ambitions..
.. I longed for Quranic memorization..
.. but my memory betrayed me..

.. I longed to frequent fasting…
… yet my health condition won’t allow ..

.. I longed for night devotion “Qiyamul layl”…
.. but my feet can no longer carry me …

VERILY The Prophet (ﷺ) made it categorical that
“Make profit out of five things before five things over take you:

*Youthfulness* before the old age
*Health* before illness
*Wealth* before poverty
*Free time* before busy moment
*Life* before your death”

If your daily routine is empty of the following activities, be quick and insert them NOW…or NEVER:

*Daily Quranic recitation routine
*Qiyamul layl
*Alms giving /supporting the needy
*Spreading good word/nasiha/salam

May Allah SWT guide us all
امييييين يارب العالمين

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