by HM

Bismillah: I begin in the name of Allah and express that this is a reminder to myself first and foremost…

Due to the subjectivity of love’s definition, I will refrain from attempting to define it. I will, however, say this, that Allah’s love is infinite. While we were raised or too often told of hell and haram, terms which are associated with Allah’s Wrath, we are not reminded enough of Allah’s Kindness and Mercy. Now, before I elucidate my point, it is important to note that yes Allah is severe in punishment and I do not refute this attribution in the slightest nor do I deny His Power and Might. But, it is the lack of reminders of Allah’s Rahma (Mercy) when in times of weak imaan (faith) or sin that plays a great role in steering one away from the deen (religion/Islam). We’ve heard the infamous lines before “I’ve sinned anyway, what’s the point now?” or “When I stop sinning, I will start”. Both of these lines refer to typical statements Shaytan makes us say during times of sin. See, what’s wrong with them is that they underestimate Allah’s ability; to the point where you are, essentially, questioning Allah’s Mercy and Kindness. We as humans have experienced the harshness of other beings which has taught us, through observation and experience, that humans can only ever be so kind or merciful. This is not the case for Allah. He is exceedingly and infinitely Merciful and Kind. There is no love like His love. So, when we make these statements during times of difficulty in faith, we must remember that Allah is not limited in his capability because, of course, He is not human. Limitation and incapability is a human trait. Allah bears no boundaries in His capability because He is the Supreme Being, to whom there are no impossibilities.

His love is infinite and so despite our sins, He will forgive (in sha Allah). Many times have I sinned and yet, Allah continues to bestow His kindness upon me and bless me even when I do not make dua (prayer) for it. Having said this, it is important that we constantly and consistently make repentance. Now, one may ask: Why should we make repentance for our sins if you’ve just said that Allah will forgive us because of His love for us? The answer to this is simple, it is to show gratitude for His love. To say Alhamdulilah (All Praise is Due to Allah) that despite my selfishness when sinning and disobedience, You (Allah) are Merciful to me and give me another day to live and chance to change through Your unconditional love for me. The most humbling aspect about Allah’s love is that it makes you realise that, Allah does notice me and care for me. I am special to Him. It is so easy to feel like just another believer in our ever-growing religion. But again, it is a reminder to show how limitless Allah actually is. For there to be billions of humans, yet, every individual is close to Him (whether they realise it or not is a whole different discussion) and do not go unnoticed by Him, is an overwhelming realisation which only makes one increase in admiration of their Lord.

So I try, through ease and difficulty, to remind myself daily that Allah loves me. And I urge you too, to do the same.


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