With Hardship Comes Ease

By Tayaba Haider

As you may or may not be aware, this week A-Level results were released.
It brought back some emotional memories for me as I experienced this emotional day twice.

Once when I went to DMU and second before I started at Sheffield. Both times I was sent to clearing. Believe it or not I never wanted to come to Sheffield uni at all.

I had originally applied for Leicester or Birmingham (as they were close to home)
I remember ringing up the uni  (my sister made me) asking for any vacancies and I was told they didn’t have any. About half an hour late a lecturer from our department rang me back saying they have a vacancy but for an alternative course & (The one I’m doing now) Despite being a longer path on the career I want to pursue (in sha Allah) I accepted and here I am.

At that time like everyone in such a situation I was so angry and upset and didn’t know what to do..I even considered giving up. I remember my parents saying one thing to me

فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا :
Fa Inna ma’al ‘usri yusra : Verily, with hardship comes ease – Fa Inna ma’al ‘usri yusra : Verily, with hardship comes ease [Quran- 94:6]

At first I never understood the meaning of it. But now I realise that everything happened for a reason, if it wasn’t for all the trouble I had been in I would never have been at the uni or even be on the committee

But moral being that despite all the hard times we experience Allah SWT always has something better in store for us. Despite all the rough times there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Allah SWT guides us through the hardships. Although it’s easier said than done (at the time of trouble) remain positive for Allah SWT will ease of the tension and turn a bad situation into something u may never have considered and will be in your best interest.

So never give up!
Keep trying…Be persistent

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Blowing The Clouds Away

by Anonymous

The Heart of the believer sometimes overwhelmed by clouds of sin, and so it goes dark…..
“There is no heart that is not covered by a cloud like the cloud covering the moon when it is shining, and so it suddenly goes dark, but when it (the cloud)  goes away it shines again”

Sometimes we find the light of our hearts veiled with the sins we commit and we find ourselves lost in darkness. But when we strive we strive to increase our imaan and seek the help of Allah, the clouds go away
And the light comes back to shine in our hearts
And thats all it is, blowing the clouds away through the worship of our Lord.

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The End of Ramadan, But Not The End of Good Habits!

By Anonymous

Bidding farewell to Ramadan is a hard task for any Muslim. Many of us worry that we won’t be able to keep up the good habits that we have worked hard to develop in the last few weeks. We worry that our relationship with the Qur’an will deteriorate, and our visits to the masjid will become seldom.

But why should it? Ramadan may have ended but our chance to learn and grow certainly hasn’t. The Lord of Ramadan is also the Lord of the other months, the same Lord who continuously watches over you regardless of time and place.

Maybe the fasting in Ramadan has ended. But remember Allah has blessed us with more opportunities to fast. Like the 6 days in Shawwal, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, and even for 3 days during the middle of the month, and fasting on the days of Ashoora and Arafah.

Maybe the nights of standing in prayer during Ramadan has ended. But remember, the voluntary night prayer for every day throughout the year.

Maybe the chances to give to charity in Ramadan have ended. But remember we still have obligatory zakat and sadaqah.

Maybe pondering over the Qur’an during Ramadan has ended. But remember, the Qur’an is still available to reflect over.

Maybe Ramadan has ended. But remember righteous actions are for all times, and forbidden actions are forbidden at all times. Remember Allah is still watchful and still Merciful.

May we continue fasting, continue standing in prayer, even throughout the night, continue giving to charity and continue strengthening our relationship with the Qur’an. Above all, may we be steadfast upon the sharee’ah of Allah until we meet him whilst He is pleased with us.

Advice to prepare for Ramadan is available everywhere and easy to find, unlike the advice for leaving Ramadan. Having said that, below is a link to 10 tips that’ll help you keep those Ramadan habits. May we all take heed In Sha Allah:


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I Remember Him ﷺ

By Anonymous

When I complain about the taste of my food
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who used to fasten some stones on his stomach to hold on his hunger

When I complain about how less clothes I have
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who had only two pieces of clothes for the rest of His life

When I complain of how uncomfortable my bed is
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who slept on the palm frond and coarse cloth in his entire life

When I become so miser to give and share with others…
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who used to give his everything that he almost left nothing for himself

When I think of how poor I am
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who loved the poor so much and said to be with them in Jannah, it cheers me up

When I’m upset of those who hurt me
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who had mercy on those who did evil to Him

When I think of those who hate me
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who always prayed for those who had insulted Him

When people don’t thank me for what I do
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who reminded me that the best reward is from Allah side

When none loves me…
I remember that I have Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who loves me for thousand years

When I think of how miserable my life is…
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who had more struggle life than mine, and it strengthens me

May peace be upon Him, my beloved
May peace be upon Him, my role model
May peace be upon Him,My RasoolAllah Muhammad ﷺ
May peace be upon Him

He’s the best example for our lives!

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Letters From A Father

By Anonymous

I came across this story which we all can relate to and learn a lot from, especially with it being the month of Ramadan it is a time to reconnect with this great miracle that has been granted to us…

A father left his wife and children to work in a distant land to make money to provide for his family. His family loved him & respected him very much.

After a while, the father sent his family his 1st letter.  Because it was a letter from someone so precious to them, they left it unopened, each kissed it then placed it in an expensive box lined with velvet.

Every now and then, they would take out the letter, kiss it, then return it to the velvet-lined box. None of them dared to open the letter. As the father sent more and more letters, they would take each one, kiss it, and place it in the velvet-lined box.

Years passed, and the father returned to his home to find no one but one son. He asked his son: “Where is your mother?”

The son replied: “She got very sick. We had no money to take her to a doctor and she died.”

The father asked: “Didn’t u see the money I sent you in my 1st letter?”

The son replied: “No. We never opened the letters. We kissed them and placed them in this velvet-lined box.”

The father asked: “Where is your brother?”

The son replied: “With no parents to look after him, he got involved with a group of bad people, and he’s now in prison.”

The father asked: “Didn’t he read my 2nd letter, in which I advised him to choose good friends?”

The son replied: “No. We never opened the letters. We kissed them and placed them in this velvet-lined box.”

The father asked: “Where is your sister?”

The son replied: “She got married to the man she told u about in her letter. He turned out to be corrupt and she is quite miserable with him.”

The father asked: “Didn’t she read the letter I sent her saying he’s a bad person that she should not marry?”

The son replied: “We protected all your letters in this expensive velvet-lined box. We dusted the box, kissed your letters, but never read them.”

The father couldn’t understand how his family respected his words so much but never bothered to read them or follow them.

Now, think about the Quran. We place it in an expensive velvet-lined box that we dust every day. We kiss it, we respect it, but do we ever read it or follow it or apply it to our lives?
No wonder we get miserable so easily…

Allah SWT who is supposed to be number one in our lives and the Most Beloved to us is talking to us through His Glorious Quran. Let’s fulfil the rights of the Qur’an which is to read and reflect over its meaning and implement in our lives. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow or the day after…none of us have been given the guarantee that we will survive until then…
Let’s make intention not to let a day pass without reading the Quran & start now!!!

O Allah!
Make the Quran the delight of our hearts & the light of our breasts & the remover of our pain, sorrow & discomfort.

آمـــــــــين يا رب العالمـــــــــين
اللهم اغفرلنا


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Goodbyes And New Beginnings

by Anonymous

“What word is spelt the same way, backwards and forwards?” I heard this question as I entered the loud and lively room in the MWHS. Standing in the doorway, I saw hands rushing to the sky, I hear people calling out “Me! Me! Me!” and I hear laughters coming at me in a melodious rhythm, reverberating in my chest.

The USIC BBQ, which was moved to the MWHS, was a time of goodbyes. A time where you look into the kind eyes that have always held warmth, love and you see your reflection shining back. A time where you blink again and again, trying to engrave the laughter lines around you, in your memory. Storing them for a time where you can conjure them out of thin air, amidst your family. It was a time where arms embraced you, each giving their own silent message. It is a time where you take the ‘last’ selfie and craziest pictures that will hang on the walls of your heart.

It is also a time where you know each relationship you have is connected with a long white rope that is invisible and so elastic that it can cross borders. It is an upgrade of each of your current relationships. It is a time where you walk out of the room of past adventures, up the stairs and into another room filled with evolved relationships. The same connection, yet slightly different.

The migration of the USIC BBQ from the Ponderosa park to the MWHS, marked my migration from an undergraduate to a graduate. The same people are there, but just a different location. The same friends, yet, the context changes. From the open park space where people can diffuse away to a closed area where we are much more closer. No chance for anyone to escape your embrace.

The USIC BBQ was a time of goodbyes. But it was also a time of new beginnings.

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Feeling Ramadan!

by Anonymous

Many of us might be feeling inadequate this Ramadan. Long hours of fasting with short nights makes it hard for those of us who are occupied i.e. those of us working full time, or those of us who are unable to fast, “FEEL” Ramadan. We can’t do the extra worship we used to and even when we get in our extra Qur’an or pray in the mosque we can’t even concentrate, so we end up just feeling lame.

But what we really need is a perspective shift.

We need to recognize that taking care of ourselves and loved ones or taking care of our health are some of the highest forms of worship in and of themselves. We just need to make the intention and internally shift our perspectives.

Give yourself five minutes, just you and Allah SWT. Sit and raise your hands and share what’s in your heart with Him in your own words, even though He is well aware of it. Allow the burden of your frustration with yourself to be lifted off your shoulders and into His Hands.

“Oh Allah, I feel distant from you and it hurts especially because it’s Ramadan and I want to feel close to You in this month. Please, accept all my sacrifices for Your Sake and let me taste the sweetness of our relationship together through what I’m doing. As much as I wish I could be in the masjid and concentrate when reading Qur’an like I used to do to get that Imaan high, I can’t. But I’m doing whatever I can to fulfil the responsibilities you’ve given me in this phase of my life. So please, write me amongst the highest in Paradise, pour barakah into my life and let me taste the sweetness of my relationship with You through what I’m doing.”

Then, just keep renewing your intention. Remember, even the mundane (brushing your teeth) can be worship with your intention. And try to increase your dhikr just a little bit when you’re walking to your car or washing the dishes or going to sleep.

The beauty of Islam is that it doesn’t restrict worshipping God to praying, fasting and reading Qur’an. It can encompass your daily actions simply through your intention.

As Abdullah ibn Mubarak said: “Perhaps a great deed is belittled by an intention. And perhaps a small deed, by a sincere intention, is made great.”

This Ramadan, make your worship something transformational. Choose to understand your relationship with Allah SWT as one which will continue even when your life changes. Choose to magnify your intention.

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