Welcome to eMentoring HQ!

Our eMentoring scheme fulfils the USIC Alumni vision of empowering students, graduates, and professionals so that our community can flourish. Each of us holds immense potential to help one another and by working together we can harmonise our efforts to inspire a community of goodness.

We aim to support University students during term-time to bring the community together by using USIC Alumni members as mentors. The primary beneficiary are the mentors and mentees who will gain valuable communication skills among others and thereby benefiting the community at large. This will be achieved through regular online communication.

Meet the mentors (Brothers)

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Meet the mentors (Sisters)

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eMentoring FAQ

Who is eligible to join the USIC Alumni eMentoring scheme as a mentor? Anyone with experience or education at The University of Sheffield, who is a USIC Alumni member. Whatever your status is you have a lot to contribute. Students will be seeking advice from people in all positions.

How do you join the USIC Alumni eMentoring community? Register your interest using the link here: https://goo.gl/forms/K0OPo65BsHzRJCFw1

I don’t have a lot of time, are there different ways that I can participate? You have an opportunity to contribute to your specific expertise, in order to build a database of information, and tips for the mentees to browse.

Can I end a mentoring relationship? Absolutely. If you must end a current mentoring relationship with a person, we encourage you to reach out and explain the reasons to them first.

Can we meet in person? If both parties agree, then a physical meeting could take place. However, please take discretion during the meeting, and it is suggested to meet at a public location or the company premises.

How will the the mentors and mentees be matched? The eMentoring team match the mentors and mentees according to their interests, and objectives.