Why become a USIC member?

  • Integration with USIC – Opt to sync to any of the 5 USIC Google Calendars. These include Education, Sports Welfare, Events. Receive a weekly bulletin which includes upcoming events, announcements and a entry by a USIC member.
  • Discounts: need we say more? – We don’t charge for our events often, but when we do, you’ll get a discount! This includes the most exciting event of the USIC year, Spring Camp!
  • Hoodies: because everyone needs some USIC swag – Buy your very own personalised USIC hoody. We will let you know when they are available to buy in shaa Allah.

Discounts available

USIC Membership Card Inverted

The new USIC Membership card

The following discounts are available to all those with a valid USIC Membership card at point of sale for the academic year 2017/18:

  • 25% off at Scent Salim  new-logo
  • 15% off at Wrapchic.            
  • 10% off at Kebabish Grill    32403
  • 10% off at Unit Sheffield    unit logo 1
  • 10% off full chicken, chicken leg and exclusive promotions at Yafai & Sons Ltd. International Food
  • 10% off at Jannat

How much does it cost and how do I become a member?

To become a member of USIC, you will have to make a single membership payment of £5. This payment will give you membership for the whole duration of your studies at The University of Sheffield. To join, simply turn up to our next event and a committee member should be able to sign you on. Please bring along your £5 Membership fee so we can sign you up to our perks!

Membership FAQ

How long does Membership last? Membership lasts for the whole duration of your studies at The University of Sheffield. Unlike some societies, we do not require you to renew your membership (although some membership material such as cards may need to be renewed).

Will I have to renew Membership every year? You will not have to renew your membership annually. You will only have to sign-up and pay your Membership fee once, this will give you Membership for the whole duration of your studies at The University of Sheffield.

I am not a undergraduate student, can I become a member? Yes, absolutely! All students of The University of Sheffield are welcome to join. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Just ask, and we will be glad to sign you on.

I did sign up to join USIC but never paid my Membership fee, am I a Member? In order to become a USIC Member you will be required to pay the £5 Membership fee. All perks such as the Membership card are separate to the Membership fee as the fee you pay is solely for Membership of the USIC society. Nevertheless you are still welcomed to come to our events and we would be glad to have you.

Where does my £5 Membership fee go? USIC operates similar to most charities as we do not pay our committee members and all revenue which is generated goes towards the activities and work we do. The majority of our funding goes towards financing the cost of inviting lecturers to hold talks on campus.

I am not a Muslim, can I become a member? Yes, absolutely! You do not have to be a Muslim to be a member of our super fun society. We look forward to seeing you on our next event and we will be glad to sign you on.